User Experience Analytics

My interest in User Experience, started with working as frond-end engineer in GE Healthcare. At present, I'm doing an ongoing project on User Experience Analytics from Oct 2016, as Research Project. As part of CS 1300 - UI/UX Experience analysis and design, we have learnt a lot of User Experience materials, starting with
  • Personas
  • GUI design
  • Understanding Users
  • Analysing a design
  • Models
  • Affordances
  • Interaction Design
  • Accessibility
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • Evaluating a design
  • Emotional design
  • Critique
  • Text Font and Typeface

Using all these concepts, my task is to analyze a website, and improve user engagement. This includes
=> Analysing the website, with respect to above concepts.
=> Analysing traffic portfolio, and increase user traffic.
=> Analysing user feedback and perform sentimental analysis.
=> Analysing and improving the usability(page depth) of most frequently visited pages.
=> Empathising with users, to find their pain points.
=> Use machine learning algorithmic techniques, to predict user actions and make recommendations.