Digital Mammography - May 2012 to July 2016

Digital Mammography

I worked in GE Healthcare, growing from Design Engineer to a System Specialist.

Digital Mammography - May 2012 to July 2016

Mammographyis a technology, which is used to detect breast cancer in women.
It has many parts to it – hardware, software and firmware.
I worked on the Software part of it. I worked in General Electric Healthcare’s SenoEssential, Seno DS Mammography products, and next generation Mammography project, in its User Interface(PDM) development.

Typical Hospital Workflow for a Mammogram
1. Patient creates new patient entry record at hospital front desk.
2. Front desk creates patient record in HIS
3. When doctor suggests the patient to undergo a mammogram, patient goes to radiology department.
4. In radiology RIS, the technologist, queries the RIS, to see all patients scheduled for that particular day in the worklist (1st component of PDM)
5. Radiologist selects this patient’s entry in worklist and starts exam.
6. Exposure taken and patient’s images gets installed in Image Management database(another component of PDM)
7.Images are auto pushed to DICOM PACS(Picture Archiving and Communication System)

Due to GE confidentiality constraints, I will not be able to add any further details/images on how PDM UI looks and how it is designed. It is designed considering proper hospital workflow in mind, so that
- User can use it with minimal clicks on system
- Ease of use
- Unnecessary UIF being made invisible to the user, unless requested for.
- Ease of access

My role

1. Writing requirements, test plans and test reports.
2. Design and implement the PDM UIF and its background functionality.
3. Get System’s Usability feedback as quickly as possible and incorporate changes, if any.
4. Propose new solutions feasible for complex technical problems.
5. Perform DFMEA and implement risk mitigations in software.
6. Collaborate with GE teams in France and Doha in verification and validation activities.
7. Mentoring my juniors as and when needed.


PDM Patient Data Management
HIS Hospital Information System
RIS Radiology Information System
POC Proof Of Concept
DFMEA Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine

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